belladonna33 (belladonna33) wrote in cheesecakefiles,

drunk dialing?

calling me up at midnight and telling me that you still love me and cant live with out me...
while throwing up in the bathroom of the bowling alley because you drank way too much
is not a way to win me back. really.
esspecially since I had only like 6 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours.
you upset me soo much last night! I had to throw up.
it was gross.
you were the one that didnt want to fix it.
I gave you the choice.  you said you didnt want to fix anything.
so I moved on . I found someone else, you found brenna,
I was just doing fine.
even after the dancing class we taught and after
you need to stop being a baby. and move on.
you have brenna. she may be odd at times, but she is sweet!
and I have mike now and I really like him

so you can learn to deal with it
just like i did.
jerk face.
let me go.

and do you know what the worst part it?
i do still love you. so it makes it all the worse.
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