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random bitchfest

I'm so freaking bitchy right now!! i'm gonna complain about it, you don't  want to hear it don't read it.

I've still got a shit ton of stuff left to do this week. My research paper is getting no where fast even though I've been doing nothing but that for the last few days. My room is so dirty it smells but no one has the time to clean it. I haven't had the time to put my laundry away so my clothes are everywhere on my floor. I still haven't packed anything. I have nothing cute to wear to my own freaking party on saturday, and i don't have the time or the money to get anything. and I have this huge zit on my chin that won't go away. WAAAAH!

I want to cry but I can't seem to do that anymore either, unless someone is there to make me feel like it's ok that i'm crying...other wise I feel like I"m just wasting my time.


ok...I feel better now.
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