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My bad day:

* My relationship is falling apart. Though we keep trying to fix it, it's just doesn't work.Maybe this time we'll fix it, but I'm really losing hope that we will. Yet I can't seem to just let him go. It hurts so much to think of him with someone else, or even just not in my life. I'm not willing to give up yet, but what good is it doing staying?.So I don't know what to do.

* My bus driver was an asshole. The bus was supposed to leave at 9:30 an it was only 9:15. so I was being a nice pedestrian and not doing that asshole thing where you run ignore the fact that the light says you can't cross and you run across the street in front of everyone who's trying to drive...but than my bus driver was impatient and decided to leave early. I flagged him down and he yelled at me for "being to slow". thanks.

*The girls in my class were too scared to do anything with any sort of strength. So I couldn't kick or punch as hard as I wanted. Which was frustrating.

*Someone thought that my coat was their friends. So they just took it while I was in the other room changing. Ok first off, who the fuck is her bimbo friend who would go outside in the middle of the fucking winter without her coat? And why the fuck didn't she bring it back or turn it into the lost and found when she realized it wasn't hers?

*so I was calling around trying to maybe find a ride home, when my phone died. So that idea got canceled.

*The religion teacher at hamline (who's awesome by the way) was nice enough to lend me his sweater. But it wasn't very warm so I got cold pretty fast.

*and then to top it all off some impatient jerk almost ran me over with his car at the stoplight, and then got mad at me about it. conclude this rant I would like to say a great "FUCK YOU!!!" to all the assholes out there.
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