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Man vent

I'm feeling particularly crabby this morning for various reasons, and can't seem to shake it so I'm just going to vent one of those things that's just annoying me.
So an old friend/ acquaintance of mine was at a bar down the street and invited me down for a drink. I was in a good mood and restless so I thought, what the hell why not we can just have a drink and chat it'll be fun!
Apparently not! When I got there he was allready drunk, but kept insisting that he wasn't. It was very similar to that date that i had awhile ago, where the guy spent the whole time talking about himself and not even bothering to ask anything about me or my opinions or even pretending to listen when I kept trying to change the subject.
I even said when I first got in there "I had a great day!"... you'd think he'd have the decency to at least ask why i had a great day, instead of immediately going off on something about himself.
Then it came to the point where he kept making me uncomfortable by talking about how I seem like i'm so open and how he wished I was interested in him in that way. He would not shut up about it even though I distinctly changed the subject and said 'let's talk about something else' everytime.
And then! He kept whining about how his girlfriend (they have one of those swinger relationships) was out for the night, and how he was soooo depressed that he had to sleep alone and he just couldn't stand it.
Oh boo fucking hoo! If you seriously are that unable to deal with feeling alone, you have major issues. What was I supposed to feel bad for you?
And then he was so drunk that he couldn't figure out his way off campus after he walked me home.
So that was a total waste of time! Not hanging with that guy again.
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