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bad habits formulating

I've noticed that I've got alot of bad habits coming into my life.

Forgetfulness: I have about 8 tasks that I've been meaning to do, all rather important and none of them have been done yet.
I still need to..
*Give Tina her books back from way back when. I've wanting to go to half price and pick up some books to give a long with them as like a "sorry I took so long to give them back" deal but I keep not finding the time to do that as well.

*Send Shelly the Wedding Present I have for her that's been sitting under my bed all year

*Get Leah and Kevin's wedding present and send it to them since I was unfortunately un-able to make it to the wedding. I was going to, but then my work training went to late.
This factor has actually been a source of anxiety dreams for me lately. I keep having these dreams that I run into Leah and then she kills me (literally) for not making it to her wedding.

*Set up my HECUA course to count as GSJ and see what I need to do for that.
(Not necessarlly my fault. I keep trying to get ahold of her and not being able to get through email or phone, or showing up at her door because she's never there when I'm on campus)

*Take care of Financial Aid for HECUA.
(also not necessarly my fault. I think because I'm signed up for study abroad they think they need to send my mail to mom and dad's house. Which means that i haven't gotten my bill yet. Must call mom and dad about that today. Also...the mail place is never open when I'm on campus)

I'm sure there's more I just can't seem to remember what they are right now.

I've also been really bad about working out and eating healthy.
Those tater tots/potato triangles are going to be the death of me.
I stopped working out for awhile because I wanted to get into a schedule for class and see where it fit in...and now i'm having trouble getting back into it.

My room is constantly a mess..even when I clean it.

Note to self. Don't have bad habits!!
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