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Oh Jerry...

So I had this friend awhile back who from the night that i met him we just hit it off really well.(As two people I mean...not as like...giggity giggity.)
We stayed up till 4 in the morning talking for 7 hours straight.
And then we went out on a date to Uncommon Grounds and stayed there for 3 hours just chatting about anything and everything. He's seriously one of the most down to earth, nicest guys I know...and he's just fun to hang around.
We stopped hanging out after he got a girlfriend because his girlfriend was really needy and didn't like him hanging out with other girls that much. So I respected that and we pretty much only talked once in awhile on aim. But now him and his girlfriend have broken up, so we can hangout again.
We're getting together soon to just catch up and hangout...and go to the animation exhibit at the science museum woo hoo!

The thing I'm worried about is that once we do start hanging out again, we'll likely want to hang out more often. I'm afraid of what that could mean for my relationship with mark. Not that I would ever cheat on mark because I would never. Just, Jerry is a guy, and I'm a is it ok for me to hang out with him alot if i'm not dating him?
I want to see jerry and hangout with him...because he's one of the few guys that I just feel totally comfortable around. But I don't want to jeoparidize my relationship...
ahh! I don't know what to do!!!
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